Read the blog post about how we came up with the idea for Reported and how we built it.


There are 175 million NYC cab trips each year. Yet only 13,000 consumer complaints in 2013 about drivers. That mismatch means the TLC isn’t getting the kind of feedback it needs to get unsafe drivers off the road. It takes effort to submit a complaint and most people don’t know how they are resolved. Reported lets you submit a taxi complaint in less than 30 seconds and helps you understand exactly what the next steps will be in the complaint process. Reported also pulls together all the driver complaints from 2012 and 2013 and correlates them with the charges and penalties and outcomes. So now you can not only understand your rights as a passenger or pedestrian, but also understand the rule that the driver potentially violated and its penalty, the likelihood of a guilty outcome, and the other charges against the driver.

Reported is currently in private beta and not yet in the iOS app store. Please request an invite by emailing jeffnovich [at] gmail.

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      #311Connect (for making 311 more efficient)
      #VisionZero (for making our streets safer for pedestrians)


Yelp for NYC taxis

There are 175 million NYC cab trips each year, yet only 13,000 complaints about drivers. The TLC doesn't get the feedback it needs to take unsafe drivers off the road. Reported lets you submit a taxi complaint in 30 seconds and guides you through the complaint process with complaint data about drivers, charges and penalties.

Read a detailed blog post about how we came up with the idea for Reported and how we built it.


Meet The Team

Jeff Novich

Product, Data

Jeff has built and launched many websites and apps, won 10 hackathons (including the 2013 Big Apps competition). He has submitted 14 complaints about taxi drivers honking and going through red lights, and has become an expert in how the TLC handles 311 complaints.

jeffnovich [at] gmail


Josh Weitzman

iOS developer

Josh is a developer with a formal background in design. He built the iOS app for Reported. Josh also submitted an app for Big Apps in 2013.

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The Issues We’re Trying To Solve

More Information

DATA WE’re using:

  • Data Sets used (read the blog post above for much more detail about this data):
    - Public datasets listing taxi and livery drivers, medallion information and other data from
    - Complaints and Violations against drivers in 2012 and 2013: This was delivered by the TLC after a FOIL request. It contains ~95,000 complaints that include ~110,000 violations. Complaints/violations include a driver’s hack license, a datetime, specific charges that were filed against them, and the “disposition code” which is an outcome for that charge.
    - Disposition codes: This was also furnished by the TLC from the FOIL request. They are essentially the status codes and determine whether a violation resulted in
    - Medallion owners and the drivers who lease the vehicles: Taken from this PDF [] and parsed into a table for the database
    - NYC Rulebooks Chapter 54, 55 and more, such as this PDF [] which we parsed by hand and created a table for our database.

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